President's Message (2011)


Dear fellow alumni and friends,

It is with great excitement that I announce the launch of our restructured website. Our technical team has spent hours in revamping our old site and has turned it into a vibrant and informative forum for communication. The website now has many features and they all serve as conduits for alumni from BC and other parts of the world to voice their opinions and concerns on the Net, as well as to post alumni activities and any other relevant information. I applaud the tireless efforts of the members of our technical team: Aaron Lau, Henry Wong and Ron Lee.

The BC Chapter is now into its third decade of existence. From a small group of dedicated alumni who incorporated our chapter with the BC government in 1991, our membership grew to over 200 at the beginning of the new millennium. Participation in our events, however, has been dwindling in recent years. We wonder why there’s a lack of interest, notwithstanding the great efforts expended in organizing many meaningful and interesting activities. With this in mind, the board of directors has been doing a lot of soul-searching, and has come up with several ideas of reviving alumni interest.

The first step is to redesign our website! With the new format, we hope there will be a lot more cross-currents of ideas and information from our members as well as from other alumni. The board of directors, 15-strong, is ready to receive any input, including constructive criticism, and will make every endeavour to keep our members involved.

The next steps? The directors will await the input from our fellow-alumni, and we’ll act upon any workable suggestions and plan activities that will suit a broad spectrum of interests. It is our great desire to keep the Chapter running from generation to generation, and for at least another 3 decades.

It is indeed a great honour to be re-elected the President of the BC Chapter. Together with the board of directors, I will again step forward to uphold the time-honoured traditions of our Alma Mater and to bring as many alumni as we can to this overseas branch of our great St. Paul’s family.

With best regards,

Elizabeth Johnston (1962)


July 15, 2011, Vancouver