2011 July Monthly Article

Gastronomic Discovery: Poco Ocean Restaurant

submitted by Ron Lee

It is quite unexpected that one can find a delightful "boutique restaurant" in Port Coquitlam (in this context, Boutique is defined to be minimal in decor with total focus on food quality). Poco Ocean Restaurant, in fact, has been frequented by serious diners from all over Lower Mainland for years.

There are only three staff members in the restaurant, Mr. Wong, the chef, his wife and a waitress. As you can imagine finer service is not one of their forte but all the short comings are more than made up by Chef Wong's cooking. Mr. Wong is a very accomplished chef and is reputed to have been one of the chefs at the Governor's Residence in Hong Kong many blue moons ago. When asked though, one would get one of those "neither confirm or deny" responses that would make a politician proud.

Menu items are written on a small black board on the back wall of the restaurant as they are changed quite often in accordance with the availability of freshest ingredients. The following are some of the signature dishes one should consider if visiting the restaurant for the first time:

1。 沙爹芥兰炒牛肉

2。 走油元蹄

3。 芋泥 (预约)

4。 炸鸡翼

5。 红烧牛仔腩

Great food at most affordable prices, can one ask for more?


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