The Galaxy Band Party & Show

Sunday, October 06, 2103 at The Starlight Casino, Gateway Grill Restaurant and Lounge

Ms. Anita Li, one of our SPCC Alumni, is a member of the Vancouver-based Galaxy Band. Their most recent gig was an evening party and show at the Starlight venue. Anita has been ultra gracious to invite some of us to share the experience. Elizabeth, Nancy and Alfred, from the BC Chapter Board of Directors attended the event.

The Galaxy Band is a 7 members Band conversant in many varieties of music and entertainment. While Patrick is the Music Director, lead guitarist and male vocal, he consistently exchanges lead and rhythm responsibilities with Tony, guitarist, who also doubles as lead vocal in several pieces of their repertoires. Male Vocal is also shared by drummer Steve, whose uncanny abilities include singing Lead in several pieces while playing the drums as well. However, the majority of the songs are carried by our female lead vocalist Karen. Her multi-linguistics talent enables her deliveries in English, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and a few tongues I failed to recognize. All of these choral colours are sturdily supported by Ken, Bassist, whose steadfast walking style expands the dimension of the spectrum. Instrumental interludes, intros and riff fill-ins are provided from Peter and Anita on their key board synthesizers. Melodic and rhythmic pieces are presented, improvising timbres of grand piano, winds, trumpets and even full string orchestra.

The Galaxy Band came on stage around 7:30 PM while many guests were still enjoying dinner or dessert. They immediately launch into long 10-12 songs performance sets. They play 3 such sets in the whole evening with brief recesses in between. The performance was not over until late into the evening. Their genres ranged from Santana to Elvis Presley. From songstress 陳慧嫻 to wedding party favorites like 兩只蝴蝶. Guests mingled with Band members. Also many genres carried strong Jive or Tango rhythms, enticing ball-room and line dance enthusiasts pried their skills on the floor. A great time has been had by all; as proven here from Elizabeth and her tiramisu.

Galaxy Band can be booked for celebration of any occasions.

Contact info:

Patrick Chu, Music Director, 778-320-3252

Anita Li, band pianist, 604-789-1022

E-mail address,

Submitted 2013-10-07 by Alfred Ho


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