The Association

The purposes of St. Paul's Co-educational College Alumni Association B.C. Chapter are:
  • to maintain and promote relationships among the alumni of SPCC
  • to maintain ties between the members of the Association and SPCC
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information among alumni of SPCC
  • to raise funds for the purposes of the Association by fund-raising activities
  • to organize and sponsor, on its own behalf and in conjunction with other associations and organizations having similar objectives, social events and activities for the benefit of the members of the Association.

2014 Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

President    Karen Mak

Nancy Chan 陳麗雲 1966
Alfred Ho 何兆輝 1968
Joanna Ho 江令欣 1985
Aaron Lau 劉秉誠 2004
Anthony Lau 劉嘉邦 1974
Karen Mak 楊嘉敏 1978
Ken Mak 麥健中 1974
Clinton Tsang
Henry Wong 王永和 1975