Dear fellow alumni and friends,

As we are passing the mid-point of 2012, I hope to find you and your dear ones in good health and high spirits. Admittedly, there have not been too many significant events in the first half of this year; however, it is a formidable year from a historical perspective.

To begin with, this year is the bicentenary of the War of 1812 between the US and Great Britain. It was fought on the present day Canadian soil. The war concluded at the end of 1814. Since then, Canada and the US have enjoyed almost 200 years of peace. For more information, please check “The Official War of 1812 Bicentennial Website”.

2012 also marks the centenary of the birth of the Republic of China. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was inaugurated the Provisional President of the Republic. January 1, 1912, was the first day of the first year of the Republic and a calendar system was established, which is still in use in Taiwan.

Another centenary is the tragic sinking of the Titanic. The “unsinkable ship”, bound for New York, set sail from Southampton, England on April 10, 1912. It hit an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland and sank in a matter of a few hours on April 15.

Let’s turn the clock forward to recent happenings. We witnessed a celebratory event in June: the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. She is the embodiment of propriety and endurance. She has served her country and the Commonwealth with integrity and an undiluted sense of duty. Let’s wish her happiness and continued good health.

July 1st heralded 2 major events on 2 continents. In Canada, we celebrated Canada Day. The Dominion, which became independent in 1867, is now 145 years old. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be on hand to celebrate this country’s bicentennial in 2067.

Another July 1st world event was the installation of the new Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Let’s wish Mr. Leung Chun-Ying all the best and hope he steers the people of Hong Kong towards an enlightened, equitable, yet disciplined social order.

Into the immediate future, the whole world will be watching the Summer Olympic Games starting July 29. Let’s cheer for Team Canada and the Hong Kong Olympians!

Back to the home front. The BC Chapter is now switching into high gear. There will a fund-raising garage sale on August 11/12. Proceeds will be used towards social events. Please check details at the “Events” page of this website.

The Fun Night will take place on Saturday, September 15 at the Tapestry Church Hall in Richmond. This popular event is in its 3rd year running. Please come and bring lots of energy to this fun-filled evening. Again, please check details at the “Events” page.

The alumni choir is also practicing diligently for performances. They’re gearing up for the final event of the year.

The final event of the year will be the AGM/Christmas dinner on December 8. This year, we’re holding the gathering at the Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. We’ll have the spacious VIP room all to ourselves, which boasts a state-of-the-art sound system. With lots of entertainment and a delectable menu, this joyous occasion is not to be missed. Come one, come all. Bring your family, your loved ones, or any friends who would like to join us.

As always, the board of directors is working at various capacities to organize interesting events for alumni and friends. As well, we’re always at the ready to welcome new members and new directors. Please spread the word. We look forward to seeing many of you at all the future functions.

With warmest regards,

Elizabeth Johnston

July 23, 2012